About me

 מעצבת תכשיטים

Welcome to YaelBelDesigns handmade fashion jewelry brand that offers a unique combination of imaginative designs and impeccable quality. Here you can find large variety of trending jewelry like Ear jackets and ear cuffs. All my jewelry creations are made of Swarovski crystals & pearl beads and combined with fine quality gold & silver plated.

All my collection is inspired in Modern and high fashion trends.
Each Piece is maid with a lot of love and special attention on each detail.
I hope you Try and Enjoy my Creations.

In the recent years I have been designing jewelry interwoven by hand with top quality Swarovski crystal beads and pearls.
This is an innovative technique which requires development, creativity and professionalism. 
I have focused on fashion jewelry which is magnificent fashion accessories as well as a complement to the general look. 
The interweaving of the jewelry is done manually, which guarantees the personal touch and maximum attention to each and every item. 
My jewels are studded with crystals, pearls, metal plater elements and leather, which give them their unique design. 
The jewelry varies in their design and is characterized by a high level of finish.