YaelBelDesigns Warranty

All YaelBelDesigns's products are covered by one year warranty.
In YaelBelDesigns.com we work in a very neat way with high quality products of Swarovski. Nevertheless accidents happen, so if you have any problem with your jewel during the first year, or you only need just to fix sizes, you may send the product back to me for fixing without extra charges.

Warranty Policy

-The repair does not cover design changes.
-The repair does not cover material changes.
-The repair cover the repair or change of the same piece you got depending on the case.
-Adding beads for fixing sizes have not extra charges.
-Thake beads off for fixing sizes have not money refunds.
-In case of sending a piece for being repair, the shipment will be at expense of the client, the shipment of the piece back to the client will be at expense of us.

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