How to clean jewelry?

Wondering how to clean jewelry? gives you the best tips for cleaning and care plated jewelry. Cleaning gold plated jewelry is just like cleaning silver plated or rose gold plated. Even though gold plated is only gold on the outside, it is still real gold. Dirt and oil can build up on gold plated. Your skin naturally contains oil. When this oil mixes with the dirt in the air or on the ground, you can have nasty build up on your jewelry. It is easy to get your gold-plated jewelry clean again with a couple of household items.

עגילי זהב ופנינה לכלה

Instructions for cleaning jewelry:

1. It is recommended not to expose the jewelry into the water.

2. Avoid exposing jewel following substances: detergents, sea salt, chlorine, perfume.

3. Clean the occasional piece of jewelry with a soft cloth, preferably rub or scratch will hurt the jewel piece.

4. One of the common causes blackening jewelry are sweating body. It is advisable to clean the piece after exposure to multi sweat.

5. We recommend to keep the jewelry piece in to the jewelry box you got it. Preferably separated from other jewelry, silver jewelry, silver jewelry because the cause blackened.

6. It is recommended not to expose the water due to the oxidation of copper jewel.

7. It is recommended not to have contact with the following materials: perfume, cleaning products, pool chlorine and sea.

8. Silver jewelry should be stored separately from jewelry box closed another kind, due to the oxidation of the metal when it is in contact with other materials.

9. Silver Jewelry Cleaning: We recommend cleaning the silver with a soft, dry cloth.