How to wear ear cuffs and jackets

Ear cuffs and ear jackets, the latest earring style.

Ear cuffs and ear jackets are the latest trend in earrings. They are super easy to wear and they are suitable for any occasion.
These earrings add chic to your look.They exist in different materials, colors and shapes and the most important feature is that they are nearly interchangeable with any post earrings. 

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What is an ear cuff or an ear jacket?

An ear cuff or and ear jacket is a type of earring that includes a stud earrings and an another structure known as the jacket.
It clips onto the post and gently hangs under the earlobe. It is like two earrings in one and can easily be removable and adjusted to suit the wearer’s needs. The stud earring can be worn alone if desired and the jacket can be added to complete the look.
The great thing about ear cuffs and jackets is that the earring can be seen from a front and rear view; so everyone will get a look at your stylish ear jackets.

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Do you wear ear cuffs on both ears?

Ear cuffs and ear jackets can be wear in one ear and in both as well. It will depend on the other accessories or jewelry wear at the same time. If you decide to wear a bold necklace full of beads and other accessories will be better to wear a single ear jacket, because it is a big accessory by it self and it will make your look strong. Not wearing a necklace or wearing a delicate chain is the perfect complement for ear jackets pair. 

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